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Our Story

Welcome to Gelato Kings. Our story starts back in 2004 when we started working at an Italian Caffé in our old neighborhood. Over the course of 11 years Charlie & Anthony learned the Gelato trade from a man known as Mr. Joe. Mr. Joe was born in 1927 in Santa Ninfa, Sicily. After coming to America, Mr. Joe owned and operated several Italian Coffee Shops. In his "Bars", Mr. Joe served espresso, cappuccino, croissants also known as "Cornetto" and Cannoli's with homemade ricotta cream and not to forget his Gelato. Mr. Joe had much pride and dedication for his business working seven days a week. You rarely came for your shot of espresso without seeing him.

Local Italians would gather daily to socialize, most of the time speaking Italian while drinking their espresso. Charlie & Anthony were two Long Island born Italian boys. From a young age they would always pass the caffé on their bicycles wishing one day they would be able to get a job there. The boys were both ambitious and eager to work, so they went inside and asked Mr. Joe for a job. Mr. Joe smiled at them and said he can use their help in about a month when the summer arrived. This was the busiest season at the caffé when families from around the neighborhood would enjoy the outside seating and European atmosphere, just how you would feel at a Caffé in Italy. After waiting about a month for the warmer weather to arrive, the boys started off by cleaning the bar in the early mornings and late nights. Their daily duties consisted of mopping the floor, stocking the Italian beverages such as Limonata and Aranciata, and making espresso and cappuccino for the customers. The boys loved working at the caffé and wanted to work as many hours as they could. Mr. Joe noticed their hard work and passion for the business. He wanted the boys to learn the art of Gelato, after teaching them the old fashioned Sicilian tricks of the trade they would fill the display case with homemade Artisanal Gelato and Sorbetto for everyone to enjoy. "We noticed the customers smiling and complimenting the taste of the gelato". "It was a good feeling knowing people were enjoying something we created from scratch with our own two hands." Mr. Joe always emphasized the importance of using top quality, natural imported and local ingredients just as practiced back in Sicily. Most of the customers said they have never tasted "real" gelato like this here on Long Island.

From a young age Charlie and Anthony always dreamed to start and manage their own business, but never knew exactly what. They now had the knowledge of making great tasting authentic Italian gelato from Mr. Joe who was an experienced gelato maker for over 50 years. The boys had a passion for making gelato and knew they have learned a very special unique trade. So at the end of their career in 2013 they started their own Gelato Wholesale business called "Gelato Kings". Using their skills learned at the Caffé, they were able to produce new and creative flavors. They soon attended gelato culinary courses to expand their knowledge of the trade. Building up their new business, they now deliver their Authentic Handcrafted Gelato to all types of restaurants and markets from Long Island to New York City. They also have Custom Gelato Carts which they take to festivals, cater all types of events, and also used to sample there Gelato out at Charitable food shows.

"Mr. Joe has unfortunately passed away in 2015. Every batch of gelato we make reminds us of him, and how we learned the trade. We are very grateful and would like to thank him for all that he has taught us. We continue to carry on the passion and dedication for providing the best tasting authentic Gelato and Sorbetto for everyone to enjoy" Salute!

Gelato Kings